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Frank Beer is a customer-focused company dedicated to promoting the brands of our suppliers and growing the business of our customers. As we continue to grow and as the industry continues to change, we continuously look for new and innovative ways to partner with others. That’s why in 2011 Frank Beer partnered with 9 other distributors to form the Wisconsin Beverage Network, a distribution network that provides beverage suppliers with seamless access to the largest and best distribution network in Wisconsin. Spanning all 72 counties, this network is also comprised of 11 members that provide sales, marketing and merchandising to every account in their respective markets.

Wisconsin Beverage Network Map

Wisconsin Beverage Network Map

Frank Beer is proud to be among these other Wisconsin Distributors to create the Wisconsin Beverage Network: Beer Capitol Distributing (Greater Milwaukee area), Lee Beverage (Oshkosh Eau Claire, Hudson), Frank Beer (Greater SE,SW,SC WI area), Kay Beer Distributing (Greater Green Bay area), C.J.W., Inc. (Greater Kenosha area), Zastrow the Beer Man (Wausau), La Crosse Beverage (La Crosse), Leamon Mercantile (Superior), Four Seasons (Marinette) and Range Beverage (Hurley).

We want to partner with you and we believe our experience and strength in market will help give you the added reach you are looking for! For more information, please contact us or call us at (608) 836-6000.

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